Monday, November 26, 2012

"Fellow travelers"


Assael was born in Denver, CO and resides there too. He went to Abraham Lincoln High School and his passion is to play soccer. Assael has been playing soccer since he was in the 6th grade. His favorite soccer memory was when his high school team won second place in a state championship. One of Assael's most proud moments was when he learned he was accepted to the University of Denver; DU was his top choice. All in all, Assael loves to play soccer, hang out, and explore different countries. 


Aziz is from Kuwait. His family is successful in the real estate business. I also learned that he is very laid back and loves to joke around a lot. He and his cousin Saud also love going on adventures. I believe he told me that his parents have no idea he is in Paris; Saud and Aziz are just in a typical adventure together I would guess...Overall, I see Aziz as an outgoing guy that loves to have fun.

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