Sunday, November 25, 2012

Paris Day 1

"A sense of Transition"

Before I arrived to Paris, I was thinking that men were all going to have a funny and curly mustache (like the ones we see on TV in America). However, once I got off the air plane I immediately noticed that there was a lot of diversity and also a lot of beautiful sights. The first thing that we embarked on was a trip to the Palace of Versailles. When we got there it was very prestigious and gold! I liked all the art inside and also all of the history that the palace has experienced. I also really liked all the additions that all of the Napoleons did to the palace. My favorite part in the palace was the garden and all the marble everywhere. In America, or at least where I am from; I don't see beautiful structures like the ones I see here. I also noticed that our history is not as rich as the French history which is not good!-- Overall, the first day in Paris was a success I saw a lot of beautiful women, cars, and buildings...everywhere!!! 

Click the link to view more pictures of my first day in Paris:

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