Monday, December 10, 2012

My Relationship with Photography



Dear Henry Fox Talbot,

I appreciate your contribution to photography. I just started my interest in photography and I took an interterm in Paris and London and I sure did learn a lot. Initially, I thought that a quality photograph was one with the highest quality, showed one side of the object completely, and removed all other objects around it. After taking this class I learned how to keep the quality of a picture, use the best angle from the object to make the photograph creative and fun to look at, and also through the change in shutter speed and/or the aperture one can keep everything behind the main object but blur or darken it so the person looking at the photograph knows what to focus on. For example, the picture above I would normally take it with the man walking but after taking a few lessons from Roddy, I thought I'd get a little creative and capture his reflection on the doing that I thought the picture would be more attractive to look at and also make the picture look different. In the future, I see myself taking a lot more photographs and making photography a hobby of mine. 


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