Monday, December 10, 2012

Vandalism or Art?


In the United States, it appears that any type of public creativity is considered vandalism. The art above is a piece next to the Eiffel Tower and if you look closely you see that the woman has a red clown nose. If this happened to an attraction anywhere in the US it would've been removed immediately. I passed by this structure a couple times and I still saw the red nose on it. Personally, I like this! I really like that the person who did this has a sense of humor. Also many other tourist appeared to like this "vandalism". After seeing this, I realized that most of the vandalism in the US inner cities is not creative so that's why many people find it disgusting. While in France and Britain, I saw a lot of creative graffiti, signs, and additions to statues that were very creative and enjoyable. Ultimately, I learned that art in the US needs to become more of a priority so we can create alluring and amusing cities!

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