Monday, December 10, 2012

Sense of Self

"Jesus Hernandez"

While in Europe, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that sometimes I need to figure stuff out by myself, usually I sit back and let other people direct me. I also learned a lot about photography and found that there's a lot of attractions in Europe to take pictures of. Not only that but I learned that the US always wants to buy the cheapest product and squeeze out every penny out of it. This is why I think the USD sucks! there's not a lot of beautiful architecture (lack of beautiful attractions) and there is a huge wealth disparity. I really despised the strong pound, every time I spent a lot of pounds I always converted it to USDs and it made me not want to spend that much money. For example, Assael and I went to Chipotle and we paid 10 pounds for a burrito which is around 17 USDs, it was not exciting paying that much for a burrito but then again every other option was around the same price...Since I am a business major, I also quickly thought that I want to work in London and make modest money and bring it back to the US and have a lot more USDs. All in all, I learned that life continues and that one learns a lot of new things (good or bad) as life proceeds.

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